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Fig. 1 Access right button on the data set list
Fig. 2 Access right button on the data set basics tab

For any data set individual access rights can be defined. Principle investigators (PI) are linked to data series, access rights are set for data sets only! To define restricted access for individual users or user groups, the login flag must be set. This can be done for unpulished as well as published data sets.

To define rights, use the access right button on the data set list window (Fig. 1) or on the data set basics tab (Fig. 2):

  • select those data sets for which access rights should be defined (click/shift click),
  • click on the access right button -> the access rights window opens
  • select data sets in the lower Data set list window,
  • drag and drop an entry from the Users or Groups window on the data sets -> the data sets will appear in the Rights window
    • access type can be read or read & write
    • to remove access rights, select entries from the Rights window and drag/drop to the trash can
  • click Save

Data sets having a status of less than published (validated, not validated), the login flag is always checked and access is limited to PI, admin or the data sets curator login. Published data sets have the login flag unchecked by default, but may be checked on request. !One data set can not consist of both, published and unpublished data!

A user will have access to data on the Internet:

  • if the data set is published with login flag unchecked (pangaea archive standard),
  • if the user is logged in and is listed as PI or author for the requested data set (PI/author access),
  • if the user is logged in and has been given access rights to the data set (access explicitly set),
  • if the user is logged in and has imported the data set, i.e. curator role),
  • if the user is logged in and has admin role (admin has access to all data sets).

The administration of user accounts should be kept at a minimum. In projects it might be usefull to define one project-user to make all unpublished data accessible to the project members with one account. Following national and international funding policies, after a 2-3 years moratorium period, data should be made public available.

Access to the content of the data libarary PANGAEA is defined through the data policy.