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This page lists publications and web sites related to data handling and policies. For publications of the PANGAEA department, see ePIC which provides a list of talks, posters, presentations and publications through a dynamic query.


Open Access

Data policies, plans, reports, declarations


  • Initiatives for digital research infrastructure should focus more on making standardized data openly available, and less on developing new portals. 2009 Nature 457 p.129
  • Monitoring is science's Cinderella, unloved and poorly paid. ... It is easier to get big funding for one-off projects than small funding for long-term infrastructure. 2007 Nature 450 p.789-790
  • A less frequently articulated reason for resistance to data sharing is the fact that some researchers are simply unable or unwilling to record and present their data in an unambiguous, reader friendly and archivable form. 2006 Nature doi:10.1038/444653b
  • is all too often compromised by users' reluctance to make their own materials freely available. 2006 Nature 439 p.912
  • associated with peer-reviewed articles should be submitted to recognized, public repositories where ever possible. 2006 Nature 439 p.912
  • ... by making ... data available under a Creative Commons licence, they can stipulate both rights and credits fo the reuse of data,... 2005 Nature 438 p.531 doi:10.1038/438531a
  • It is far more difficulat for an individual researcher to abtain funding to maintain a database than it is to initiate a new project ... 2005 Nature 435 p.1010
  • New ideas are needed. ...One approach would be to raise data collections to the status of citable entities in journals. 1998 Nature 393 p.107 doi:10.1038/30086

PANGAEA contributions

  • Concept as part of a proposal for the foundation of a German Center of Scientific Earth Probing GCSEP
  • Empfehlungen zur Verbesserung der Datenverfügbarkeit und Datenqualität in den Geowissenschaften in Deutschland Recommendation
  • Information handling and data publishing to support ‚Open Access’ at AWI
  • Comment to the draft OECD recommendation concerning access to research data from public funding
  • Der Wert von Daten liegt in ihrer Nutzung - Beitrag für die Gowissenschaftlichen Mitteilungen GMIT



Libraries & Catalogs

good scientific practice

oder: wie präsentiert man das Konzept anderer als sein eigenes:

  • Lowry, Roy, Ed Urban, u. a. (2009), A New Approach to Data Publication in Ocean Sciences, EOS, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, 90(50), 483-485.