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The Pangaea data model provides several comment fields and file options to add individual information, not suitable for one of the other well defined fields. Comment fields are limited to 32 kB and do not allow formatting or line breaks.

In the metadata tables please find comment fields in any of the major tables Project, Campaign, Event and in Parameter, Reference, Method, Device, Sample. Only the comment field of the Event table is included in the data set description, visible on the Internet. All other comment fields may be used for internal administration only (some may even be deleted in the future).

On the data level comment fields are available for Data sets as well as for Data series. Within a data set each line may be commented in an extra column. To summarize the opportunities to comment data:

  • text parameter Comment (1570) included as a column in a data set;
  • specific comment parameter are also available for certain use (try retrieval on the parameter table Parameter contains comment);
  • data series comment field - to add text related to one parameter/column; may also be used to differentiate between two columns using the same parameter;
  • data set comment field - to add one paragraph of text related to the data set;
  • URL Data details field on the Data set/Web card to add a link to a file; this file may have the format text for simple formatting or pdf for files with layout, figures etc. Ensure, that the path/link to the file is stable on a long-term scale.