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Information handling and data publishing to support ‚Open Access’

(contribution to the long-term perspectives of AWI)

The Internet and any new technologies related to information archiving and distribution are changing with a high speed. Already ten years after the birth of the Internet, new structures and opportunities are developing for communication, knowledge distribution and the evaluation of information. The libraries keep its classical role as knowledge archive and provider but in a new context, supplemented by data centers, information systems and portals. In the future, the reputation of AWI will also be determined by its online presence in the broader sense. This does not solely include the domaine but is increasingly determined by the sustainable availability of any scientific information in combination with the quality of its documentation and thus the usability by others. As a consequence of the increasing costs for journals, redistribution of funding and an increasing number of publications, ‚Open Access’ gains importance, first documented through the Berlin Declaration in 2003 by all German research organizations. Open Access applies for publications but also for the exponentially growing number of scientific primary data related to publications and projects. The new technical concepts in publishing also demand and support the adaption of the peer-review system. Through a fruitful cooperation, AWI and MARUM at Bremen University have set up a forward-looking infrastructure for the distribution of information and is one of the leading providers for georeferenced data from basic research in the world. Milestones are the foundation of an ICSU World Data Center and the establishment of a unique library for data from earth system research in the Internet. Future perspectives in information handling at AWI will include a continous observation and evaluation of the technical developments and scientific requirements. The responsible providers (library, data center, public outreach) will dynamicaly adopt its concepts and will include users and policy-makers in the discussion about functionality, acceptance and sustainability of information systems. Supporting ‚Open Access’ as well as a reliable long-term archiving of primary data will become integral part of the scientific work flow, also supporting the authors (and institutes) reputation. Those activities and the provision of related infrastructures will strengthen the competitiveness of AWI and increase its attractiveness as a partner in international projects; AWI will be able to contribute to multinationale research ogranizations, virtual institutes and major research projects (sensor networks, hazard research, IODP).


5 Years

  • The data citation, in its bibliographic definition citable, accessible via library catalogs and search engines with a standardized and stable link to the related data object will be part of the scientific work. Priority will be given to the acceptance by the scientific community, reviewers and funding organizations.
  • AWI has estblished a national marin-geophysical data center.

10 Years

  • Through networking with other system AWI will contribute to the set-up of portals, which will centralize a user-friendly availability of information from different sources. The Helmholtz-Portal for data and publication related to earth-system research is supported.
  • AWI is competence center and publication agent for the organization and citation of data from earth-system research.

20 Years

  • AWI with MARUM as a nucleus with contributions of KDM, HGF and leading marine research organizations and WDCs operate a virtual data center for marine and polar earth-system research in Europe.