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Data curators are employed in projects or institutes to archive its data output. Within the flow of data from the source to the published item, the data curator plays a keyrole in the archiving process. In the beginning, curators are trained by the data librarian in the use of the editorial client (4D), the workflow, regulations and policy. Curators are responsible for data ingest only and are not operators of the Pangaea system itself. Active curators are listed on the personnel page.


  • should be scientists with an expertise in the scientific field of the data source,
  • are supported and supervised by the data librarian and the editor-in-chief,
  • keep the basic rules in mind,
  • keep the project members informed about data policy and workflow,
  • promote data flow into a sustainable form
  • may publish new data products, compiled from the deliverables of the project as data reports (e.g. WDC-MARE Reports) or as data publications (e.g. in ESSD),
  • assure the documentation of the data deliverable in the projects final report via a citation list with DOIs to the datasets.

Curators are responsible for:

  • data flow from the project partners, workpackages, authors and investigators,
  • completeness of metadata, i.e. the documentation for each dataset,
  • assure data consistency, validity, and availability on the Internet,
  • the accuracy of a data set in terms of technical quality; (the scientific quality is in the responsibility of the authors).

After import, the curator has to

  • inform the PI/authors about data availability,
  • ask for proofread,
  • make corrections until the data set is in aggreement with the authors requirements,
  • define a password protection on request for a muratorium period.


Curator workshops for advanced training and information exchange are executed in irregular intervals:

  1. 2004-03-03 to 2004-03-04 AWI
  2. 2006-01-18 to 2006-01-19 MARUM
  3. 2007-11-13 to 2007-11-14 AWI
  4. 2010-03-09 to 2010-03-10 MARUM
  5. 2012-01-24 to 2012-01-25 AWI
  6. 2017-01-19 MARUM

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