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ePIC (electronic Publication Information Center) is the Open Access and publication repository of AWI, accessible at

! the reporistory was transfered to the eprints-software in 2011 !

ePIC provides handles as persistent identifier and is used as a provider for handles linking to publications which do not have a DOI. The handles are used for stable linking of documents in the metadata description of data sets. In case a reference or a documentation (e.g. of a method) should be linked to its full text, ePIC might be used as the repository for the text document. After upload of the document, a handel is submitted to the author (for publications) or info@pangaea.de (for documentations) which can be entered in the URI-field of the related table. For the definition of new references or documentations, a login to the AWI Intranet (=login to ePIC) is required.

The entry of documentations is restricted to librarian status. Access to ePIC with the required user profile Librarian have

  • Lydia Gerullis (rcom)
  • Hannes Grobe (awi)

Within the PANGAEA operation, ePIC is used for two different purposes:

(1) Citations of PANGAEA group

ePIC is also used as the citation database for any papers, presentations and posters around data management with Pangaea. Citations can be entered with an AWI user login under Author/New. For the Organizational Unit under AWI specific choose: PANGAEA.

A list of all citations related to PANGAEA is provided through a predefined query. This list is THE reference to our work for reports, proposals and reviews and thus ->

  • !Each member of the PANGAEA group is urged to add citations of his work in ePIC!

(2) Handle generator

Documents and files of any type which need to be stable linked to a data set description use handles from ePIC as persistent identifier, e.g. in the fields Reference/URI or Data set/URL Data details or as part of a free comment text.

A file is uploaded to ePIC-reports at

Check Item type Documentation, upload the file and fill the following metadata fields:

  • Title
  • Author(s)
  • Contact email info(a)pangaea.de is fixed
  • Year
  • Publisher (default PANGAEA)
  • Place of Publication (default Bremerhaven or other periodical, institute etc)

ePIC runs a cron job at night (2 AM) and every item uploaded in the last 24 hours gets systematically a handle send via email to info(a)pangaea.de.