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Data files from geophysical profiles are stored on the hierachical storage system (hs) operated by the computer center of AWI. The system is accessible via ftp; access right have, Hannes Grobe. The physical path for the various data types is:

  • Login host:, User name, password (awi internal, NOT pangaea pw)
  • for reflection seismic
  • for refraction seismic
  • for magnetic
  • for gravimetry
  • for ParaSound
  • for bathymetry
  • ff

Following this tree, data are stored in subfolders named after the label of the expedition, e.g. ps64 or BG0301. Any data related to an expedition are stored in this expedition-folder. The path to data in the hs is translated to a logical URI, starting with

Examples of a full path to a single file are:

  • htp:// = sgy-file of a reflection seismic profile of cruise BG0101
  • htp:// = gif-preview image of a magnetic profile from cruise ps64
  • htp:// = gravity data files in a zip-archive of cruise ps64

Important: Although the web server is also available via HTTPS, please create links in datasets using HTTP only. This lowers CPU usage on both client and server while downloading huge files. If the files require a login/password, the user is automatically upgraded to HTTPS for login and download. Therefore it is recommended to make datasets with files on HS freely accessible.

see also usero