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PanMap was developed for the geographical presentation of data in maps. PanMap is an easy to use geographical information system (GIS) running on Macintosh and Windows platforms. Data are organized in layers. Point and vector data can be imported. Maps can be configured with different projections and individual layout. Styles of map elements can be changed, for stationary data in particular color scales can be defined according to the numerical values of the data. Maps can be exported for further processing in other applications.

Citation: Grobe, Hannes; Sieger, Rainer; Diepenbroek, Michael (2003): Geographic information system PanMap including geographical resources. Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.104840

extended text:

For the geographical presentation of data the freeware tool PanMap is available which is either directly connected to the 4D-clients or can be used as a stand-alone application for individual geocoded data sets. PanMap can be accessed directly by the user to draw sampling sites in a geographical context after selecting the required data set by means of the retrieval tool. Sites can be labeled with meta-data as well as analytical data. Maps can be configured using different projections; the styles of map elements can be changed, additional vector data or site information can be imported and maps can be exported.


A collection of map resources is available on the web site, e.g.

  • General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) in four different resolutions,
  • World Vector Shoreline (WVS) [12],
  • Global 30 Arc-Second Elevation Data Set (GTOPO30) converted into vector data.

other usefull map applications:

defektes zip-archiv einer layerdatei!

  • Rivers E000-E060.lay
  • 05WVS+63,6.lay
  • missing is Shore lines of lakes 0-180 West