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This parameter dictionary allows the download of predefined lists of parameters. The various selection of parameters was defined through research projects, programmes or scientific groups. Tables can be downloaded as html-table or text-file and consist of four columns:

  1. Full name of parameter
  2. Abbreviation as used in the header line of a data matrix
  3. Unit; if missing, parameter is defined as 'text' (max. 255 characters)
  4. PANGAEA ID; to be used in import files in the header line

Predefined parameter lists (projects + databases)

  • Parameters of physical and chemical oceanography defined by WOCE html/text

Predefined parameter lists (other)

  • Pigments as defined by SCOR (html/text)
  • Remote Operated Vehicles ROV (html/text)
  • Meteorological observations as defined by WMO (html/text)
  • Parameter defined by the Baselin Surface Radiation Network (BSRN) (html/text))
  • Pollen as defined in the EPD (Europena Pollen Database) (html/text)

Abbreviations used in biological names

Parameter definitions can be downloaded in blocks of ten thousands:

complete Parameter list