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In projects (or institutes) a curator is responsible for data archiving and publication.

Besides the responsibilities of the curator, the following list includes recommendations which should be kept in mind for the planning and operation of the project's data management.

  • Aways keep project partners informed about the system, the data flow and the availability of the data.
  • Explain possible access rights definitions and password protection.
  • Explain how proper citation and persistent identification of data is assured.
  • Avoid high-end project web pages.
  • Concentrate on data collection, technical quality, complete meta-information, import and availability.
  • Define a data policy in agreement with the partners.
  • Define the goals of the project data management: availability, long-term archiving, publication, compilations ...
  • Define a dynamic project specific list of parameters with unit on the project web pages.
  • Collect any meta-information related to the project: address of institutions, scientists with email and phone number and provide dynamic lists through the project web pages.
  • Keep track on
    • data providers, parameters, amount and date of delivery; keep contact and ensure proper data flow and collection; personal meetings might be better than email or phone,
    • activities, e.g. expeditions, cruises; import sample or station lists when expedition report is available; keep list of campaigns and events up-to-date,
    • publications; provide a dynamic list of project related publications with links to data,
    • existing data useful to the project and import.
  • Assure consequent usage of event labels throughout the project!
  • List possible groups/PIs with related data contributions on a web page and povide status of availability.
  • Give feedback to data contributors about the availability of their data; always ask for proofread.
  • Definition of the data flow should include
    • identification of existing and new data,
    • quality control and proofread,
    • formats for import,
    • information about citation and DOI.

Draft text for proposals, reports and web pages

    • KDM?

Current projects

A list with current projects and their curators (see Talk:Project_data_management/Curator - login required)