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POLARIS is an EU-project to setup a network of 10 Antarctic research stations. Aim of the network is to distribute data (time series) through a common portal and to facilitate exchange of scientists between countries and stations.

Work package data management


The aim of this work package is to setup a data network and common portal for the scientific measurements of selected Antarctic research stations. It will investigate which measuring programms are conducted and which scientific parameters are suitable for archiving and distribution. The level of the data archiving technology and workflow of each station has to be investigated and harmonized to a common level of consistency. The data infrastructure will be implemented with regard to the EU directive INSPIRE and the plan of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) for a Global Earth Observations System of Systems (GEOSS). POLARIS will participate in the GEOSS Clearinghouse by supporting corresponding workflows and protocols. Based on these international standards, partners have to aggree on a common application schema for data distribution through the portal. The standards to be used will be conformant with the principles and concepts of Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI), thus guaranteeing a high level of data consistency and quality. This strategy will additionally enable POLARIS to significantly contribute to future European data infrastructures such as LIFEWATCH or EMODNET.

Description of work

  • Task a Investigation of the scientific time series programms and measured parameters for each of the 10 selected Antarctic stations.
  • Task b Investigation of the technological infrastructure, workflow and status of archiving at data repositories of the institutes operating the research stations.
  • Task c Harmonization of data sets with metadescriptions to an agreed level of consistency for each repository.
  • Task d Set up and operational test of a portal as common access point to the scientific measurements of the flagship stations with final long-term operation of the portal under the domain of one partner institute.


  • D a Report on the scientific programs for each station including a list of time series and scientific parameters and a description of archiving workflows, month 9
  • D b Joint data harmonizing, transfer and archiving strategy handbook, month 15
  • D c Operational data portal, month 24
  • D d Agreement between partners and policy about the final long-term operation of the portal, month 36.