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Example map showing ships track data set

Ships track data are any measurements carried out along the cruise track while the ship is moving. Data might include:

  • Temperature/salinity (thermosalinograph)
  • Weather observations
  • Current meter (ADCP)
  • Extended bathythermograph (XBT)
  • Gravity
  • Magnetic
  • Seismic & echo sounding (Pangaea import file includes metadata with link to files)
    • Reflection seismic
    • Refraction seismic
    • Bathymetric echo sounder
    • Swath sonar (e.g. HydrowSeep, SeaBeam)
    • Sediment echo sound (e.g. ParaSound)
    • Fish sounder

Format specifications

Data matrix consist of the following columns:

  • Event label (Event label = cruise label-"track")
  • Date/Time (1599), in a valid date/time format
  • Latitude (1600), in decimal degree
  • Longitude (1601), in decimal degree
  • Speed [kn] (2960)
  • Course [deg] (2961)
  • Data or links to files

  • for undefined values leave cell in data matrix empty (do NOT use values like -9999.99)
  • exclude outliers and/or use quality flags
  • avoid system specific file protections
  • provide one citable protocol for data conversion and quality control per cruise in pdf/a-format

Polarstern tracks 1982-2010

After a Pangaea search a map with track is shown if

  • data set as more than one point
  • one or more event have latitude2/longitude2
  • lat/long/datetime configured in data set

Example: doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.53235 (see map)

Concept for multitrack GIS and one-stop-shping by fielax/usbeck (2005): File:Fielax-track.concept 2005.pdf