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A data supplement is related to a scientific publication and contains (primary) data and additional information. Supplementary data can be archived in the internal repository of the publisher/journal or external in PANGAEA (or any other repository). The benefits for a storage in PANGAEA are

  • Open Access,
  • own identity with citation and DOI,
  • technical revision and consistency check by the PANGAEA editor/curator
  • distribution via web services through portals, search engines and library/publisher catalogs,
  • increase of the publications impact,
  • harmonized standard format, mostly ASCII (tab-delimited text tables),
  • added value through machine readability with the option to compile data from various publications in a new product.


for a data supplement related to a publication:

  1. Data submission by the author through the Pangaea Ticket System
  2. Technical review by the curator/editor
  3. Import of data
  4. If the supplement consists of several datasets, define a parent by opening and press <new parent>. Go to references and add child data sets into the <Reference (PANGAEA data sets)>. Click on <replicate meta info from childs>. Meta information will be adopted. Add title and export filename.
  5. Copy the paper's abstract to the abstract field (of single set or parent) (mandatory!).
  6. Set paper reference to supplement to
  7. Set the status of the parent to published & citable; the authors of the reference will automatically be included in the author field of all child sets.
  8. Check the valid appearance of the supplement on the Internet.
  9. Inform the author about data availability by sending the DOI as link and ask for proof-read and approval (mandatory!).
  10. Make corrections as requested by the author until final approval.

If the child>parent grouping is used, the reference related to the data sets will disappear in all childs and only apprear in the parent as supplement to:.


see also Publisher-Supplementary-Data

log of PANGAEA-supplements available from the GetInfo catalogue of TIB -> query:

  • 2010-06-20 > 2422
  • 2011-01-12 > 2662
  • 2011-05-06 > 2987
  • 2015-11-06 > 9413
  • 2016-03-31 > 9753

Text draft as part of a journals Guide for authors


<the publisher> or <the journal> offers the opportunity to archive supplements in the public data library PANGAEA ( A password protection can be defined on request until final publication. The author(s) will receive a DOI as a link for proof-read and for inclusion in the publication as data reference. Due to the variety of data from earth system research, there are no specific format constraints. Recommmendations for data submission are listed at Submit supplements to the librarian of PANGAEA at <>.

Publisher for Earth Sciences

List of earth science journals