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LatLongConverter converts positions from geodetic system to Gauss-Krüger or UTM coordinates. This program is distributed as freeware for the operating systems Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and Linux.

Find the current version at doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.787692

Developer and contact: Rainer Sieger. The software is provided as freeware without warranty by the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI).


Open doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.787692 and click on "View dataset as HTML". Download the current version of LatLongConverter to your computer.


  • Double-click LatLongConverter_Win.exe and follow the instructions.


Open the downloaded dmg file with a double-click. Drag and drop the file onto the appliction folder icon.


Uncompress the archive to your user bin directory. Double-click

Reference and detailed description of LatLongConverter

Work with files

General options dialog

LatLongConverter works with tab-delimited text files only. The basic idea is to open choose one or many file(s) and select a tool from the Converter menu.

The file(s) can be choosen by using the file dialog File -> Open... or by the folder dialog File -> Select Folder. Drag & drop can be used also for selecting file(s) or folder(s).

In general LatLongConverter don't ask for the name of the output file. With File -> Options... the format of the output files name can be given. If more than one convert needed, the new input file is the output file of the step before.

Examples (-> after the tool has been working):

  • zz%a_%N.txt : -> zz1_test.txt -> zz2_test.txt -> ...
  •  %N_imp.txt : test.txt -> test_imp.txt
  •  %N0%a.dat  : test.txt -> test01.dat -> test02.dat -> ...

The encoding of the input and output file can be choosen.


All converter recalculates a given position to an other geographic system with a given number of digits. See for possible formats for Latitude/Longitude. The given position can be shown with Nokia maps. Two map types are possible, the zoom level of map can be chosen between 1-20.

Latitude/Longitude (Batch)

Latitude/Longitude to Latitude/Longitude options dialog

Latitude/Longitude (Single postion)

Latitude/Longitude to Latitude/Longitude dialog

Gauss-Krüger (Batch)

Latitude/Longitude to Gauss-Krüger options dialog
Gauss-Krüger to Latitude/Longitude options dialog

Gauss-Krüger (Single position)

Latitude/Longitude to Gauss-Krüger dialog

UTM (Batch)

Latitude/Longitude to UTM options dialog
UTM to Latitude/Longitude options dialog

UTM (Single position)

Latitude/Longitude to UTM dialog

Find area

Find area options dialog