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External users may account for a personal (or project) login using the <sign up> link (upper right corner on http://www.pangaea.de. After signing up, the user may submit data via the data submission page.

The Pangaea editorial system (4D) requires a login/account for the use of the 4D client, to access unpublished data on the Internet and to edit text in PangaWiki. The list of users is administered by the system administrators. User name and password are identical for 4D client, web clients and PangaWiki.

Users in the user table need to be linked to the users name in the staff table. Open the list of users through File/Edit users, choose the related name, open and link to the same person in the staff table though the Staffs name field.

A user can have three different roles:

  • admin is allowed to access and edit any kind of information
  • curator
    • change meta-information which was imported under his/her account
    • access privilege for ART
  • user has read only access.

Access rights on unpublished data sets or published data sets with login flag can be defined for single users or groups of users by a curator.

To protect a file stored in the hs-system, an empty marker file named .datasetxxxxxx with xxxxxx=ID of the data set has to be stored in the same folder. See also the workflow for archiving binary objects.

Important: Although the web server is also available via HTTPS, please create links in datasets using HTTP only. This lowers CPU usage on both client and server while downloading huge files. If the files require a login/password, the user is automatically upgraded to HTTPS for login and download. Therefore it is recommended to make datasets with files on HS freely accessible.

Contact for user account