Meteorological data

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Data types and template

There are various types of meteorological data in PANGAEA, a few examples can be found here:

Meteorological station time series e.g. AWS (automatic weather station)

Radiosonde measurements

Aerosol measurements

For all data types PANGAEA needs to know the geographical location of the measurement (latitude, longitude, for radiosondes the launch site if no other details are available), the date and time of measurement and the measurement height (above ground, or above sea level for ship-based measurements). This template might help you for your Data submission.

Parameters and units

In PANGAEA units of measurements for air temperature should be provided in °C, if your data are in Fahrenheit please provide an additional column for °C. Wind speed should be provided in m/s, if your data contains wind speed in knots please provide an additional column in m/s. If you have doubts about parameters or units please contact your Data Editor or contact us at: The following table shows a small (not exhaustive) range of common meteorological parameters and units used in PANGAEA:

Parameter Unit
Aerosol number concentration #/cm**3
Albedo %
Cloud base height code
Dew/frost point °C
Diffuse radiation W/m**2
Direct radiation W/m**2
Evaporation mm
Humidity, relative %
Irradiance µmol/m**2/s
Long-wave downward radiation W/m**2
Long-wave net radiation W/m**2
Long-wave radiation W/m**2
Long-wave upward radiation W/m**2
Methane ppbv
Nitrogen dioxide µg/m**3
Nitrogen oxide µg/m**3
Nitrogen oxide ppbv
Particulate matter, < 10 µm µg/m**3
Ozone total DU
Ozone, partial pressure mPa
Precipitation mm
Precipitation, annual, mean mm/a
Precipitation, annual total mm/a
Precipitation, November mm/month
Pressure, atmospheric hPa
Short-wave downward (GLOBAL) radiation W/m**2
Short-wave upward (REFLEX) radiation W/m**2
Sulfur dioxide µg/m**3
Sunshine duration, daily h/day
Temperature, air °C
Total cloud amount tenths
Ultraviolet A radiation W/m**2
Ultraviolet B radiation W/m**2
Vapour pressure deficit hPa
Visibility m
Whiteout yes/no y/n
Wind direction deg
Wind speed m/s
Wind speed, gust m/s