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ORCID is an open, non-profit, community-driven effort to create and maintain a registry of unique researcher identifiers and a transparent method of linking research activities and outputs to these identifiers. Identifiers issued by ORCID are known as ORCID iDs (Open Researcher and Contributor ID). ORCID ID is a nonproprietary alphanumeric code to uniquely identify scientific and other academic authors and contributors.

In 2016 PANGAEA intergrated ORCID iDs. It is possible to sign in to PANGAEA account with ORCID iD. Like that, PANGAEA has a trusted mechanism to identify authors uniquely, and to attribute PANGAEA data submissions to authors unambiguously. The identification of authors, their actual first name, last name, email and other information are attributes of the particular ORCID iD. These attributes may change without interfering with data publication attribution. For instance, a researcher’s family name may change over time but their ORCID iD stays the same, enabling accurate attribution of their work at any time.

As a result, PANGAEA can then link data publications with the ORCID iD automatically.

Connecting PANGAEA user with ORCID iD

Existing PANGAEA user

Logging in with ORCID iD

PANGAEA users can connect PANGAEA acount with ORCID iD. After that, it ios possible to sign-in into PANGAEA with ORCID iD.

Steps to be taken for estbalishing connection with ORCID:

  • Log-in with PANGAEA credentials
  • Edit profile
  • Add connection of the account to ORCID iD
  • Provide ORCID credentials
  • Authorize PANGAEA to use ORCID iD
  • The next log-in can be perforemed directly with ORCID iD

New PANGAEA user

Signing up with ORCID iD

During sign-up for a new PANGAEA acount, there is a possibility to connect to ORCID iD from the start.

  • Insert your ORCID iD to the form
  • Provide ORCID credentials
  • Authorize PANGAEA to use ORCID iD
  • Some fields of the form get pre-populated with information from ORCID
  • Fill out the remaining fields and sing upSubscript text
  • The next log-in can be perforemed directly with ORCID iD

Claiming PANGAEA data records to an ORCID profile retrospectively

If the data published in PANGEA do not appear in the ORCID profile, they might be claimed directly from ORCID.

  • In ORCID profile go to Works - Add works - Search & Link
  • Select DataCite and enable DataCite Search & Link and Auto-Update services
  • ORCID Search and Link - Manually add works you find via DataCite Search to your ORCID record - press search
  • From found items select those you wish to add to your ORCID profile

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