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A persistent identifier is a stable link to an object somewhere on the Internet and should be used to avoid future 404-errors. Pangaea provides persistent linking to its own internal content and also links to external documents as part of the metadata description. The following identifier types might be found in data sets:

  1. A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is part of any Pangaea data citation - example:Schmidt, Rainer; Jacobs, Joachim; Bauer, Wilfried (2008): Geological map of northern XU-Fjella, Heimefrontfjella, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica (Scale 1:25,000). Department of Geosciences, Bremen University, doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.686074 . A DOI may also link to the original reference, e.g. in a supplementary data set: Klöcker, R; Henrich, R (2005): Pteropod preservation on the Pakistan shelf and continental slope. doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.738280 , Supplement to: Klöcker, Ralph; Henrich, Rüdiger (2005): Recent and Late Quaternary pteropod preservation on the Pakistan shelf and continental slope. Marine Geology, 231(1-4), 103-112, doi:10.1016/j.margeo.2006.05.014 .
  2. The urn:nbn (Uniform Resource Name) is preferred by some German libraries, e.g. SUB Bremen, linking its thesis via an urn: SchneiderS, S (2011): Sedimentology on cores from the equatorial Atlantic. doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.755766, Supplement to: SchneiderS, Stefanie (2001): Quartäre Schwankungen in Strömungsintensität und Produktivität als Abbild der Wassermassen-Variabilität im äquatorialen Atlantik (ODP Sites 959 und 663): Ergebnisse aus Siltkorn-Analysen. Berichte, Fachbereich Geowissenschaften, Universität Bremen, 187, 134 pp, urn:nbn:de:gbv:46-ep000103140. (The SUB repository is used for archiving Berichte, Fachbereich Geowissenschaften; upload permission has Lydia Gerullis.)
  3. Handles are used by individual repositories to link to publications, e.g. Thiede, J; Lindemann, F (1998): Sediments in arctic sea ice - entrainment, characterization and quantification. doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.693818 , Supplement to: Lindemann, Frank (1998): Sedimente im arktischen Meereis - Eintrag, Charakterisierung und Quantifizierung (Sediments in arctic sea ice - entrainment, characterization and quantification). Reports on Polar Research, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, 283, 124 pp, hdl:10013/epic.10286.d001. The Intern:ePIC repository is also used to link documentary files via handles, e.g. in doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.749675 see further details.
  4. sRef (Society Reference Catalogue) was developed by the publisher Copernicus to link to its publications. sRef was substituted by DOI in 2009; sRef in Pangaea were also exchanged and should not be used anymore. The last sRef example (without DOI equivalent) can be found in the References of doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.706911 .
  5. Accession Number persistently identifies nucleotide sequencing information in genetic databases; e.g. AM268531 as published in doi:10.1111/j.1574-6941.2007.00325.x and linking to