Reflection seismic

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Profiles from reflection seismic are archived in sgy-formated files and as preview grafic. Files are stored in the hierachical storage system (HS) of AWI with the path added as a link to the track-file, see below: URL (15651). A seismic profile is imported in Pangaea as a file, describing the track in a resolution of 10 minutes with the following columns (ID):

  • Label event (following label convention for tracks e.g. SO182-track)
  • Latitude (1600), in decimal degree
  • Longitude (1601), in decimal degree
  • Date/Time (1599), in a valid date/time format
  • Speed [kn] (2960)
  • Course [deg] (2961)
  • Depth, bathymetric [m] (2268), column may be repeated, if several echosounders were used, differentiate via method
  • URL (15651), with link to data files in HS; may be repeated for each file type and specified in the data series comment
  • File name (25541), defining the last file in a tar-archive
  • Comments (1570)

  • File name should follow the example: SO182-track_reflection-seismic
  • Further detail files are stored in
  • Title suggestion: Reflection seismic profile during cruise xxx with links to sgy-files

Example: doi:10.1594/