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2020-10-07T14:06:04 Import-table-snippet.png (file) 127 KB Mkunkel Example for an station list import table for HEINCKE cruise HE538, viewed in RStudio 1
2020-09-23T09:46:59 Bucket-event.png (file) 79 KB Mkunkel Screenshot of bucket station HE538_17-1 in 4D's event list 1
2020-09-23T07:16:40 PS119 station-list preview.png (file) 198 KB Mkunkel Screenshot of a part of the station list of POLARSTERN cruise PS119 as it appears on 1
2020-09-23T07:00:52 Action-log-snippet.png (file) 97 KB Mkunkel Better resolution 2
2020-09-17T18:54:50 Data model 2018.png (file) 183 KB Pittauer   4
2020-07-08T12:48:05 Workflow underway.png (file) 63 KB Mkunkel Overview of the workflow from Underway Data Submission to Publication at PANGAEA. Created with 1
2020-07-07T11:51:17 FAIR data principles.jpg (file) 110 KB Ddamaske Image from Please cite if you are using this image on PANGAEA Wiki. File from Sangya Pundir published by CC BY-SA ( 1
2020-05-29T13:56:20 DAM Logo small.png (file) 22 KB Ddamaske Deutsche Allianz Meeresforschung "DAM" Logo mit Schrift (geringe Auflösung) 1
2020-05-07T11:37:32 Data-set Reference.png (file) 99 KB Pittauer   2
2020-05-07T11:29:41 Data-set Config.png (file) 198 KB Pittauer   2
2020-05-07T08:51:38 Data-set.png (file) 123 KB Pittauer the layout changed 4
2020-04-09T12:24:12 Campaign Details.png (file) 27 KB Pittauer PS121: because it has more attributes 3
2020-04-09T12:19:53 Campaign Basic.png (file) 15 KB Pittauer Another campaigh: PS121, because t has examples of attributes 3
2020-02-10T14:58:03 Project.PNG (file) 256 KB Pittauer   1
2020-02-10T14:50:43 Award.PNG (file) 260 KB Pittauer   1
2019-11-19T07:19:08 PANGAEA videotutorial.jpeg (file) 186 KB Pittauer 1
2019-05-14T12:24:29 Licenses.png (file) 96 KB Pittauer Which CC license choose for data? Author: Uwe Schindler 1
2019-05-14T12:18:33 Benzohopanoid base structure with cyclization at C-20.png (file) 9 KB M buss A monoaromatic benzohopanoid base structure with cyclization of side-chain at C-20 1
2019-05-14T12:15:37 Benzohopanoid base structure with cyclization at C-16.png (file) 8 KB M buss A monoaromatic benzohopanoid base structure with cyclization of side-chain at C-16 1
2019-05-14T11:53:24 Creative commons license spectrum.png (file) 211 KB Pittauer Creative commons license spectrum between public domain (top) and all rights reserved (bottom). Left side indicates the use-cases allowed, right side the license components. The dark green area indicates Free Cultural Works compatible licenses, the two... 1
2019-05-14T10:19:02 Lizens-metadata.png (file) 239 KB Pittauer Version 2019-05-14 2
2019-03-27T14:10:53 Hopanoid base structure.png (file) 19 KB M buss This image depicts the base structure of any hopanoid. This image contains the standard numbering. Stereoisomers exist for positions C17 and C21, represented as wavy lines within this image. Spatial orientation of α-/β-isomers is depicted using vecto... 3
2019-03-26T10:44:25 Homohopanoid base structure.png (file) 9 KB M buss This image depicts the base structure of homohopanoids, characterised by added side-chain on C22, causing the existence of two stereoisomers R and S respectively. 1
2019-03-01T13:50:38 Term annotation via list specials.png (file) 190 KB M buss Select parameter(s) from the parameter table and choose "change terms" from the "list specials" 1
2019-03-01T13:44:47 Term annotation via drag and drop.png (file) 244 KB M buss Drag and drop a term from the editor to the parameter details list 1
2019-03-01T13:13:36 Terminology catalogue.png (file) 297 KB M buss   1
2019-03-01T12:55:48 Hierarchy tree.png (file) 64 KB M buss The hierarchy tree only displays broader-term-relationships. 1
2019-03-01T12:32:36 Search modi term editor.png (file) 24 KB M buss Display of different term editor search modi: * "contains" (term name contains a string) * "begins with" (term name begins with a string) * "full text" (full text search to find tokens within term name) 1
2019-02-26T13:51:41 Term entry.png (file) 135 KB M buss *ID = automatically assigned identifier within PANGAEA. Can not be changed. *Status = curational/review status of the term (default: pending) *Name = name of term *Abbreviation = abbreviation of term. Only assigned if commonly used. *Semantic ID = most... 1
2019-02-26T13:34:14 Terminology editor search tab.png (file) 109 KB M buss A screenshot of the search tab, implemented into the terminology editor. 1
2019-02-26T13:22:02 Terminology Editor Window Overview.png (file) 422 KB M buss This file marks the four different sections of the terminology editor window: 1) Term entry window: Lists all details about the currently chosen term. 2) Relation table: Lists all outgoing relations of the currently chosen term to other terms. 3)Term l... 1
2018-11-22T15:00:18 Recommender.png (file) 86 KB Pittauer PANGAEA recommender system scheme, by Anusuriya Devaraju 1
2018-11-15T14:15:28 Log In with ORCID.PNG (file) 217 KB Pittauer Log In with ORCID iD 1
2018-11-15T14:13:10 Sign up with ORCID.PNG (file) 128 KB Pittauer Sign Up with ORCID iD 1
2018-10-22T13:06:56 Datasubmissions.png (file) 32 KB Pittauer 2010-08 to 2018-10 2
2018-10-22T12:44:25 Create issue.png (file) 87 KB Pittauer   1
2018-10-22T11:21:07 Event webpage.PNG (file) 414 KB Pittauer better layout 2
2018-10-19T13:10:08 Campaign webpage.PNG (file) 511 KB Pittauer Better layout 2
2018-08-27T09:16:32 Placer.png (file) 7 KB Pittauer Test upload 1
2018-07-20T09:20:28 PANGAEA go to warehouse 2018-07.PNG (file) 634 KB Pittauer PANGAEA webpage goto warehouse(as of 2018_07) 1
2018-07-20T09:05:33 PANGAEA geographical filter by 2018-07.PNG (file) 902 KB Pittauer Search geo-filtering PANGAEA webpage (as of 2018_07) 1
2018-07-20T09:02:43 PANGAEA search 2 2018-07.PNG (file) 252 KB Pittauer Filter by highlighted 2
2018-07-20T07:39:31 PANGAEA search 2018-07.PNG (file) 3.38 MB Pittauer Search field st PANGAEA front page (as of 2018_07) 1
2017-12-01T12:54:27 Versions.png (file) 13 KB Hgrobe   1
2017-09-26T10:22:39 Curator workflow vers.2.png (file) 128 KB M buss Curator workflow for using and creating terms of the terminology catalogue and annotating them to new or existing parameters. 1
2017-09-26T10:03:36 TC parameter relations version 3.png (file) 59 KB M buss Information flow between parameters and the terminology catalogue. New parameters are tokenized. Terms are added to the terminology catalogue. Terms within the TC can now be used as building blocks for new parameters. Setting the relationship between... 1
2017-09-08T16:50:38 Download PANGAEA datasets.png (file) 64 KB Rsieger Query =[]=2017 1
2017-07-05T12:04:55 Paramter-tab.png (file) 54 KB Sschumacher new version, 4D update 2017-07-06 v16.1 2
2017-07-05T12:02:28 Parameter example.png (file) 37 KB Sschumacher new version, 4D update 2017-07-06 v16.1 2
2017-03-21T10:49:44 Logo pangaea-300.png (file) 113 KB Uschindler Reverted to version as of 10:43:56, 2017-03-21 2

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