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Date Name Thumbnail Size Description Versions
2022-06-13T09:39:52 Access rights2.PNG (file) 191 KB rights to 770 2
2022-01-27T08:49:03 Staging queue.PNG (file) 46 KB Screenshot after staging command has been executed. 1
2022-01-20T16:38:42 AWARDorPROJECT.png (file) 52 KB Decision scheme: award or project? 1
2021-12-06T12:23:06 Processing levels-1.png (file) 130 KB mapping to MOSAiC 3
2021-10-18T11:12:53 References relation change many.PNG (file) 152 KB   1
2021-10-18T10:53:57 Add many events.PNG (file) 473 KB   1
2021-10-18T10:39:51 Retrieval load.PNG (file) 218 KB   1
2021-10-18T10:32:42 Retrieval save.PNG (file) 43 KB   1
2021-10-18T09:09:29 Advanced search.PNG (file) 41 KB Search using 2 conditions 1
2021-07-05T13:10:08 Access rights1.PNG (file) 630 KB   1
2021-07-05T13:09:45 Im2 copy.PNG (file) 628 KB   1
2021-07-05T13:06:38 Im2 setting.PNG (file) 96 KB   1
2021-06-29T16:24:24 Download setting chrome.PNG (file) 137 KB highlights 2
2021-06-29T16:16:06 Extension quick start tutorial.PNG (file) 207 KB   2
2021-06-24T05:45:59 Institution.png (file) 98 KB Transfer buttons 3
2021-06-22T13:26:43 Select files for download.png (file) 383 KB crop 2
2021-06-22T13:17:33 Dataset HTML view.PNG (file) 333 KB   1
2021-06-22T13:16:05 View as HTML.PNG (file) 302 KB yellow box 3
2021-06-18T13:03:33 Download chrome extension.PNG (file) 165 KB Download Chrome Extension Simple mass downloader 1
2021-03-29T09:27:57 Flags BDL 2.PNG (file) 125 KB Quality flags below detection limit (BDL), case 2. Example from Stefi Schumacher 1
2021-03-29T09:27:40 Flags BDL 1.PNG (file) 135 KB Quality flags below detection limit (BDL), case 1. Example from Stefi Schumacher 1
2021-03-02T10:53:59 Sensor-URI.png (file) 710 KB Sensor URI gives the link to sensor metadata information stored in Sensor information system https://sensor.awi.de/, see example: doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.925325 1
2020-12-14T08:09:47 PANGAEA Logo 3 sm.png (file) 21 KB   2
2020-12-14T08:09:08 PANGAEA Logo 2 sm.png (file) 34 KB transparent 2
2020-12-14T08:07:49 PANGAEA Logo 1 sm.png (file) 32 KB   3
2020-12-11T20:42:56 PANGAEA Logo 2.png (file)
Error creating thumbnail: File with dimensions greater than 12.5 MP
833 KB   1
2020-11-30T17:27:56 Workflow.png (file) 90 KB update by Stefanie Schumacher 2
2020-11-27T14:28:06 Citation tools.JPG (file) 286 KB   1
2020-11-09T08:31:03 Under construction.jpg (file) 22 KB From: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:En_construccion.jpg Source http://www.cnap.uni.edu.ni/imagenes/en_construccion.jpg Author Rodo 1985 1
2020-11-05T07:23:24 MOSAiC logo.png (file) 25 KB   1
2020-10-30T07:37:00 Citation-in-review.JPG (file) 194 KB How to cite a dataset in review. 1
2020-09-17T18:54:50 Data model 2018.png (file) 183 KB   4
2020-05-07T11:37:32 Data-set Reference.png (file) 99 KB   2
2020-05-07T11:29:41 Data-set Config.png (file) 198 KB   2
2020-05-07T08:51:38 Data-set.png (file) 123 KB the layout changed 4
2020-04-09T12:24:12 Campaign Details.png (file) 27 KB PS121: because it has more attributes 3
2020-04-09T12:19:53 Campaign Basic.png (file) 15 KB Another campaigh: PS121, because t has examples of attributes 3
2020-02-10T14:58:03 Project.PNG (file) 256 KB   1
2020-02-10T14:50:43 Award.PNG (file) 260 KB   1
2019-11-19T07:19:08 PANGAEA videotutorial.jpeg (file) 186 KB https://youtu.be/5bJfSuAukTQ 1
2019-05-14T12:24:29 Licenses.png (file) 96 KB Which CC license choose for data? Author: Uwe Schindler 1
2019-05-14T11:53:24 Creative commons license spectrum.png (file) 211 KB Creative commons license spectrum between public domain (top) and all rights reserved (bottom). Left side indicates the use-cases allowed, right side the license components. The dark green area indicates Free Cultural Works compatible licenses, the two... 1
2019-05-14T10:19:02 Lizens-metadata.png (file) 239 KB Version 2019-05-14 2
2018-11-22T15:00:18 Recommender.png (file) 86 KB PANGAEA recommender system scheme, by Anusuriya Devaraju 1
2018-11-15T14:15:28 Log In with ORCID.PNG (file) 217 KB Log In with ORCID iD 1
2018-11-15T14:13:10 Sign up with ORCID.PNG (file) 128 KB Sign Up with ORCID iD 1
2018-10-22T13:06:56 Datasubmissions.png (file) 32 KB 2010-08 to 2018-10 2
2018-10-22T12:44:25 Create issue.png (file) 87 KB   1
2018-10-22T11:21:07 Event webpage.PNG (file) 414 KB better layout 2
2018-10-19T13:10:08 Campaign webpage.PNG (file) 511 KB Better layout 2
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