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A data publication is an entity of data with detailed metadata/description and a bibliographic citation. Data publications have the status published & citable. The citations are automaticaly included in library catalog of the TIB. Data publications were intiated through DFG-project STD-DOI. Official data publications of PANGAEA must be submitted for final review to the data librarian. At this time data publications are NOT peer-reviewed; the scientific quality of the content is in the sole responsibility of the author(s). A data publication may consist of one data set or a collection of data sets, grouped through a parent.

A data publication requires:

  • a source is given, should be the institute(s) of origin,
  • an extended abstract is included,
  • the author has proof-read and given an approval through the Ticket System,
  • status of (single set or parent) is set to published & citable by the Pangaea chief-editor