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Following dataset status options are provided with different publication levels and consequences.

  • questionable - author/PI are uncertain about the quality of the data; documentation is incomplete.
  • in review - data are not validated/proofread by the author/PI; password protection is set by default, registry status is not to be registered; alternatively, the data in the submitted version were proofread by the author, but the related manuscript is still in peer review and the data may change. This status allows to update a data set with fixed DOI or delete data set if the manuscript rejected.
  • validated - if certified by author/PI; password protected by default (login flag checked); registry status not to be registered
  • published - valid and public available data set; citation inlcudes a DOI (4 weeks after final editing); login flag is unchecked by default, but can still be set individually on request by the PI/author.
  • supplementary data - indicates that this data set is a supplement to a scientific publication and thus might appear on the splash page of the paper on the publishers catalog. Example doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.602289

The registration status of a data set depends on its status and time.