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The basic internal granularity of data in Pangaea are data sets consisting of one to many data series. A data series is equivalent to the data of one parameter or one column in a data matrix. A data series label is automaticaly set by the system during import and consists of the event label and an increasing index (e.g. PS1431-1.45). If a parameter appears more than once in a data set and the split by version option is checked, the identical parameters must be distinguished in the data series comment. If applicable, also the index of the data series label can be adopted for a better readability and cross reference.


  • doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.51508 The data series for d13C and d18O on N. pachyderma exist twice; the second series of both parameters is identified as second sample sequence in the data series comment.
  • doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.264798 The label index was changed to the related photo number. When data series labels are changed, keep in mind, that the label must be unique throughout the system.