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PANGAEA data model - used as GUI in the 4D client and in ART

The PANGAEA data model is running on a relational database (PostgreSQL). The model consists of four main tables (Project, Campaign, Event, Data) and supporting tables with supplemental information.

The hierarchy of the four main tables follows the steps in science for gathering analytical data: within a PROJECT different CAMPAIGNs are executed to get samples for investigations or to make measurements at distinct locations (EVENT). The result of the investigations are analytical data, organized in Data Series, grouped in DATA SETS. Some fields in the tables are interconnected by relations. Mainly the data sets are related to fields of other tables to describe the data. Any information describing the real data are called metadata.

For a better understanding of the model, it is recommended to read the description of the main tables consecutively:

  1. Project
  2. Campaign
  3. Event
  4. Data set

(for background understanding of relational databases see the articles about normalization in english or german)