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The PROJECT table is the uppermost level in the data model, used to define research projects. Projects defined in this table and linked to a dataset will appear in its metaheader.

During data import a relation (one to many) is set between a dataset and project(s). If data are not related to a specific project use project not_given.

Policy: New projects are defined only, if Pangaea is the designated data system and the project has a data management plan. Pangaea should be mentioned as the official data archive on the projects webpages. Older projects might be defined if a significant number of data sets will be archived. Subproject or workpackages are not defined as projects. Those can be mentioned in the comment field of the related dataset(s) thus it might be found through a search query on the subproject term. Subproject information may also be defined as a reference and linked to the dataset(s) as further details.

New projects are defined by the editor-in-chief or data librarian on request and provision of some project details. Required fields for the project definition are (mandatory in bold):

  • Acronym, mostly written in capitals,
  • Name, full project title,
  • Type relational to a short table (DFG, BMBF, EU, National, International)
  • Coordinator related to staff list,
  • Institute place of coordination or project office,
  • URL link to homepage,
  • URI to data site only if different from a dynamic query to pangaea,
  • Comment e.g. provide funding organization/number
  • Campaigns auto-complete from relational Campaign list

See also regulations and recommendations for Project data management

Pangaea project list (dynamic)