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The CAMPAIGN table contains metadata about campaigns (synonyms: cruise, expedition, leg) and are related to a certain project. Campaign as the second level in the data model may be used as an option, but is recommended to more easily list separate sampling locations. If no metainformation is available, a generic campaign label or the label 'not_given' may be used.

Define new campaigns

  • by opening CAMPAIGN and clicking on New and fill out the fields as decribed below. Input to relational fields must be defined in the related tables first.
  • For lists of new campaigns to be imported, please use the
  • Import via 4D-Menue File/Import, choose Campaigns.

Field descriptions for the campaign table; recommendations on how to fill out the columns in the import form are given in cursive.

Basics tab

Campaign - Basics tab
  • Label of the campaign; must be unique and does not contain blanks (use _ instead); use abbreviations instead of full names. (The campaign label is used in the Event import list InpEvent.xls to set the relation between events and campaign.)
  • Optional label may contain any additional name(s) or labels of a campaign as free text, separated by blank.
  • Basis is the station platform used for the operation of the campaign; > relational to table Basis > contains the name as defined in the Basis table.
  • Begin defines the start date of the campaign, format as set up in the local operation system.
  • End defines the end.
  • Responsible scientist(s) are persons beeing responsible for a campaign; > multiple choice relation to Staff; use names or staff-IDs separated by ; for import. (Sverdrup, Harald Ulrik or Sverdrup, HU or 30411. ID of staff is prefered.)
  • Project is related to table Project and set in the requester when choosing Import/Campaign from the menue.
  • Events info only; shows event labels and the number of events, related to this campaign, automatically updated by the relational system

Details tab

Campaign - Details tab
  • Report may contain the citation of the campaigns report (e.g. cruise report); > related to table Reference; relations to be set by hand; use ReferenceID for import.
  • Comment free text for any additional information.
  • URI may contain the link to a campaigns web page (assure long-term accessibility!); link to the campaign report via a persistent identifier is preferred.
  • More Details here you can add the Start Location, End Location and BSH ID of the cruise. For the BSH ID see BSH DOD

In some international projects (e.g. WOCE, CarboOcean), cruises of research vessels are identfied via the NODC Ship code, called EXPOCODE.