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The CAMPAIGN (synonyms: cruise, expedition, leg) is related to a certain project. Campaign as the second level in the data model may be used as an option, but is recommended to more easily list separate sampling locations. Information about the CAMPAIGN apears in the metaheader of the data set under Event(s).

Campaign information in the data set metaheader at PANGAEA website

Basic information about CAMPAIGN

  • Label of the campaign; is unique and does not contain blanks; uses abbreviations instead of full names.
  • Optional label may contain any additional name(s) or labels of a campaign as free text, separated by blank.
  • Basis is the station platform used for the operation of the campaign.
  • Begin defines the start date of the campaign.
  • End defines the end.
  • Responsible scientist(s) are persons beeing responsible for a campaign.
  • Project is related Project.
  • Events info only; shows event labels and the number of events, related to this campaign, automatically updated by the relational system

Further information about CAMPAIGN

  • Report may contain the citation of the campaigns report (e.g. cruise report).
  • Comment free text for any additional information.
  • URI may contain the link to a campaign web page.
  • More Details contains Start Location, End Location and BSH ID of the cruise.

In some international projects (e.g. WOCE, CarboOcean), cruises of research vessels are identfied via the NODC Ship code, called EXPOCODE.

LAND CAMPAIGN naming convention of the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI)

Since about 2018, the Alfred Wegener Institute is striving to use a harmonised and easy-to-use naming of land campaigns. The naming convention is as follows:


Already existing country codes: AK - Alaska, ANT - Antarctica, CA - Canada, FN - Finland, GL - Greenland, NO - Norway, RU - Russia

e.g. NO-Land_2020_Bayelva, RU-Land_2020_Khamra or GL-Land_2019_EGRIP

If more than one campaign was conducted in one year in the same country with the same campaign name, the season can be added, e.g. CA-Land_2019_YukonCoast_spring vs. CA-Land_2019_YukonCoast_summer

List of all land campaigns of the AWI in the Arctic: (this list was harmonized also for pre-2018 campaigns)

List of all land campaigns of the AWI in the Antarctic:

CAMPAIGN list of ships in PANGAEA

In March 2014 the "Senatskomission Ozean" and others agreed on a common syntax for campaigns (XXnn/mm):

Code Description
X...X Schiffsnamenskürzel | Ship short name
n...n Reisenummer | Cruise number
/ Separation sign between cruise number and leg
m...m Fahrtabschnittsnummer | Leg

e.g.: PS80/1 or PS81 (the latter is a campaign without legs)

Ship Short name
Poseidon                                                     POS
Polarstern                                                   PS
Meteor M
Maria S. Merian MSM
Sonne SO
Alkor AL
Heincke HE
Elisabeth Mann-Borgese EMB

On PANGAEA offers lists of campaigns for selected basis (ships, aircraft) and projects. However, PANGAEA provides many more overview lists of campaigns with links to events and data contained within PANGAEA.

The following is a non-exhaustive collection of links to campaigns lists for ships with a good campaign and dataset record in PANGAEA.

Name Link to campaign list
Akademik Vernadsky
Alexander von Humboldt
Charles Darwin
Discovery (1962)
Dr. Fridtjof Nansen
G. O. Sars (1970)
Glomar Challenger
Hakon Mosby
James Clark Ross
James Cook
Jean Charcot
Johan Hjort
Joides Resolution
L Atalante
Le Noroit
Le Suroîtît
Ludwig Prandtl
Marion Dufresne (1972)
Marion Dufresne (1995)
Mikhail Lomonosov
Moana Wave
Mya II
Nathaniel B. Palmer
Professor Vodyanitskiy
SV Tara
Thomas G. Thompson
Walther Herwig II
Walther Herwig III
Yakov Gakkel

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