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The Staff table includes scientists related to metadata and data as author, principle investigator or chief scientist of an expedition.

Information about STAFF

  • Last name: mandatory
  • First name: when ever available
  • Phone: in the international format +49 471 4831 1220
  • e-mail: in lower case letters (emails are not case sensitive)
  • ORCID: personal ORCID number; in the metaheader of a data set a PI is linked to this number. If not given it is linked to his URL.
  • Institute
  • URL: of personal home page; in the metaheader of a data set, a PI is linked to this URL. If not given, it is linked to his email.
  • Keywords: if required, e.g. to set up a list of project members

Persons defined in the staff list can have relations to the

  • Campaign to define a chief scientist
  • PI related to data series
  • authors of references or data sets
  • sample table

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A "global" personal identifier (PID, PND) is under discussion: