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The Staff table includes scientists related to metadata and data as author, principle investigator or chief scientist of an expedition. When defining a new staff, the institution needs to be defined first; the staff table has relations to Institution and the Thesaurus. Fill out fields accordingly, than press save.

For the upload of a list of new staff members use the

staff import form.

and import via Menue Import/Staffs

Fields of the Staff table are:

Window of staff
  • Last name: mandatory
  • First name: give full first name when ever available! - initials without full stop; two initials separated by a blank
  • Phone: in the international format +49 471 4831 1220
  • e-mail: in lower case letters (emails are not case sensitive)
  • ORCID: personal ORCID number; in the metaheader of a data set a PI is linked to this number. If not given it is linked to his URL.
  • Institute: click on the institute field will popup the institution list; search for the required institute with the retrieval card, e.g. town contains Hamburg or type in the first letters of the institutes name in the input field. Select the required institute by double click
  • URL: of personal home page; in the metaheader of a data set, a PI is linked to this URL. If not given, it is linked to his email.
  • Keywords: if required, e.g. to set up a list of project members; relational to Thesaurus.

Persons defined in the staff list can have relations to the

  • Campaign to define a chief scientist
  • PI related to data series
  • authors of references or data sets
  • sample table

The keyword field can be used to e.g. set up mailing lists or dynamic lists of project members on web pages. Define a new keyword in the thesaurus, e.g. ‚acronym of a project‘_staff. Link the keyword to all project members in the staff list. Define a retrieval: keyword is equal to ...project_staff. Follow the procedure as described for the DDI.

In example doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.351389 a staff Expedition 302 Scientists was defined with a URL, containing a dynamic query on all staff, related to a certain keyword with email, phone and institute. This functionality may be used, when ever a dynamic group of persons has to be included in the PI field.

To add a static list of investigators, the URL field in a staff definition may just point to a flat text file e.g. doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.55820 .

To use a predefined staff list as an email distribution list, export a result list configured to just the email column, open the file, select all and copy and paste the list to the email address window of your mailer.

A "global" personal identifier (PID, PND) is under discussion: