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The PANGAEA operation group provides portals for several EU projects (e.g., former CarboOCEAN was the first one) and supports existing metadata portals (e.g. OAIster, ScientificCommons) to disseminate its data/metadata by using the OAI-PMH and other standards.

  • Software used to harvest data providers: panFMP v2.0-dev (development version, not yet released), version 1.0 is no longer used.
  • Software used to provide search interface backend and data storage: Elasticsearch an enterprise search server based on Apache Lucene. Uwe Schindler is part of the devlopment team of Apache Lucene and supports Elasticsearch developers. He has provided significant contributions to the projects to support numerical search. He is spending a large amount of his time to contribute to those projects.
  • Metadata standard used: All data providers' metadata is converted to an proprietary, internal pansimple.xsd format, which is some kind of extended Dublin Core
  • First portal implemented by this software: http://dataportal.carboocean.org/

The harvested data centers are available through a large, all-containing, public, read-only Elasticsearch node; available at: http://ws.pangaea.de/es/portals/pansimple/_search?pretty

For each served portal, a subset of this large index is served using a "view", e.g. http://ws.pangaea.de/es/dataportal-carboocean/pansimple/_search?pretty (CarboOCEAN)

Portals served

GetInfo library catalog of TIB with request to show all data supplements published by Pangaea

Portals for metadata