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Station lists in PANGAEA

Figure 1: Part of the station list of POLARSTERN cruise PS119 as it appears on

Station lists (or Event lists) compile sampling events of a research cruise. PANGAEA archives station lists of the large German research vessels, and links the sampling events with the resulting research data in a common and standardized format (Figure 1).

In the framework of the pilot-phase of the DAM data management project, the workflows for the creation of station lists for PANGAEA have been revised, optimized and documented.

DShip Action Log

The DShip is the system that German Research vessels use to document stations and device usage. Sampling actions are logged manually, including date/time, lat/long and information about the device. The resulting log file is an “Action Log”. Action Logs may vary among the different ships they come from, regarding column names, comments, best practices, etc. We use these Action Logs to create uniform station lists for PANGAEA. Within DShip, logs are recorded for every action performed with a certain device, while in PANGAEA we want to condense this information to one Event. The event covers the start and possibly the end information of a device usage.

Station lists online

Station list archiving is part of PANGAEA's expedition archiving. Cruise lists and related information can be accessed via or, for particular research vessels, via the following links:

  • Cruise list of the research vessel POLARSTERN
  • Cruise list of the research vessel SONNE
  • Cruise list of the research vessel MERIAN
  • Cruise list of the research vessel METEOR
  • Cruise list of the research vessel POSEIDON

There are several options to access and filter campaign lists directly