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On this page you will find information on the requirements for submitting, archiving and publishing Conductivity, Temperature, Depth Sonde (CTD) Underway Data, as well as examples of datasets. Although not "underway" per definition, CTD data taken continuously onboard a research vessel without scientific program will be names "underway" here for the sake of consistency with similar efforts with other devices.

Please note

SOPs for the curation and publication of Underway Data are currently being revised within the DAM Underway Research Data Project to ensure fulfilling the FAIR data principles with every Underway data publication.

This entire page is currently under construction and will be updated continuously

DAM Underway Research Data Project background

Underway Data from different devices

During DAM pilot phase, workflows for data curation, archiving and publication at PANGAEA are being revised. Besides CTD, other types of processed Underway Data from different devices are in the scope of the project:

Furthermore, historical and recent Bathymetry data and corresponding workflows are under revision in the framework of DAM.

Example of a CTD Underway Data Publication

! Under Construction - dataset is prior to DAM project!

CTD HE549: https://doi.pangaea.de/10.1594/PANGAEA.917455

Standardized Meta-Information of Underway Data

The following information needs to be included in any Underway Data submission at PANGAEA. To start a data submission at PANGAEA go to https://www.pangaea.de/submit/ . Further information on the ticket system used for communication and documentation during the processing of the data submission can be found in this wiki.

PANGAEA Data Submission Form Example

Workflow: Processing of an Underway Data Submission
Field Name Explanation Content Example
Issue Type Data Submission (default)
Summary Name of the ticket that will automatically be generated; the institution should be included here For example “Data submission 2020-03-24T07:32:46 ([submitter/responsible scientist], Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven)
Author(s) #List of Authors [responsible scientist], [chief scientist]
Title Adapted, generalized #Dataset Title Physical oceanography during [ship] cruise [cruise label]
Description #Abstract; if the #Data Processing Report or the #Raw Data are already archived, the links may be placed here
Keywords (default)
Attachment(s) #Data Processing Report; #Data Table; #Further References
License The license specifies how the record can be used and modified after publication and how it must be cited by re-users. The use of license CC-BY 4.0 is strongly recommended by PANGAEA and DAM, ensuring for re-usability of the Underway Data and credit for the author(s). CC-BY: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (default)
Labels The project the data has been obtained in may be named here DAM
Data used/published in the following article/manuscript (default)

List of Authors

! Under Construction !

Usually, the list of authors of Underway Data contain the scientist responsible for the sampling device and the chief scientist. However, a final regulation on how to proceed with the list of authors in all Underway Data sets in the same way is still pending. The same goes for the PI, the contact person responsible for the data.

Dataset Title

The title of the data publication should be generalized and is defined by the specific [ship], [cruise] and [device] (see #PANGAEA Data Submission Form Example).


For Underway Data a generalized Abstract per device may be created that will be adapted to each dataset regarding [ship], [cruise] and certain peculiarities. For more information on what needs to be included in a PANGAEA data publication abstract see this page.


Several references may be of importance for Underway Data.

Cruise Report

The Cruise Report is sometimes already archived at the Technische Informationsbibliothek and will be linked to the dataset by a data editor (see this example).

Data Processing Report

The Data Processing Report contains information on processing and quality control procedures. It enables to reproduce the processed data from raw data. The preferred format for submission is pdf (see this example).

! Under construction !

Currently, the Data Processing Reports are being archived at PANGAEA (except for reports for data obtained during Polarstern and Heincke cruises); A long-term solution will include the assignment of a doi for each Data Processing Report. Templates for Data Processing Reports are currently being revised/created within DAM.

Raw Data

If possible, the raw data should be linked to the processed dataset. This link may lead to an external source, but it may also be an PANGAEA-internal link.

Further References

These may, for example, include Salinity samples as .txt files, netcdf files, etc. They will be stored on one of PANGAEA's servers and can be accessed via a link in the reference section of the data publication.

Further information

Cruise Label

The [Cruise] Label given should always include [ship]number/leg (e.g.: MSM88/1).

Event label(s)

The Event Label(s) should be part of each data submission. Event labels equal the station labels and provide meta-information for the data. The Underway Event Label is being created onboard and should always be used when referring to Underway Data (current exception: CTD Data - several events needed). The format of Event Labels format consists of the cruise label and the station ending: [ship]number/leg_station (e.g.: HE549_10-1).

Device /Sensor

Information on the device used for measuring should also be provided, so it can be linked to the measured parameters.


Use "DAM:Underway Research Project" as project and technical keyword "DAMUnderwayReserach".

Data Table

File name

A generalized file name should be used per device (see #PANGAEA Data Submission Form Example)

File Formats

Possible file formats include .txt, .tab, .csv, .xlsx . The encoding is preferably UTF-8.


Please do not include any header except column names. The decimal separator should be "." and the number of decimals should always reflect the measurement precision. Not available numbers are displayed as blanks in PANGAEA. They should be included as blanks, "NaN", "NA" or event "999.999" in the data table.

Parameters of the data table

 ! Under construction - parameters may still be changed added for future Underway Data Publications !

This table gives an overview on the parameter names and specifications as they will appear on the web and in the download file of the data. If possible, these names should be included in the submission data table. Also the format and unit of data should be submitted as displayed here. The methods will be included in the data publication by the data editor as specified in the submitted meta-information.

Parameter Name Format Unit Example Method Comment
Event label HE549_10-1
DATE/TIME Yyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss 2020-03-19T19:24:11
LATITUDE decimal 53.840
LONGITUDE decimal 8.089
Depth, water m 2.0
Pressure, water dbar 2.0 CTD, SEA-BIRD SBE 911plus, SN 1015
Temperature, water °C 6.9138 CTD, SEA-BIRD SBE 911plus, SN 1015 ITS-90
Conductivity mS/cm 48.471 CTD, SEA-BIRD SBE 911plus, SN 1015
Salinity 35.6154 CTD, SEA-BIRD SBE 911plus, SN 1015 PSU, corrected
Temperature, water, potential °C 19.8085 Calculated ITS-90
Density, sigma-theta (0) kg/m3 25.2818 Calculated
Oxygen µmol/l 238.581 CTD, SEA-BIRD SBE 911plus, SN 1015 calibrated based on Winkler titration
Oxygen saturation % 103.44 CTD, SEA-BIRD SBE 911plus, SN 1015 calibrated based on Winkler titration
Attenuation, optical beam transmission arbitrary units 82.49 CTD, SEA-BIRD SBE 911plus, SN 101
Fluorometer arbitrary units 0.13 CTD, SEA-BIRD SBE 911plus, SN 101
Number of observations # 1

Note: If Quality Flags are used, the flagging code needs to be explained and will be archived in the parameter comment.

This template may help for preparation of your data file: template