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Import file format for CTD data.

  • Provided that the station list is imported with minimum station (event) label and latitude/longitude,
  • all CTD profiles from one cruise are imported and archived in one dataset,
  • 1. column contains the event label of all CTDs as defined in the station list,
    • column is headed by the expression "Event label" in the first row,
  • 2. column contains geocode Depth, water [m] (1619),
  • 3. column might contain Pressure [dbar] (715),
  • 4. to n. column contain data (e.g. see list of oceanographic parameter as defined by WOCE,
    • columns are headed by the parameter names and units in the first row

After import open data set in 4D, goto config card and complete the final configuration (example: doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.737933 ).

  1. Event
  2. Date/Time
  3. Latitude
  4. Longitude
  5. Depth water [m]
  6. Pressure [dbar] (optinal)
  7. Temperature [deg C]
  8. Salinity
  9. ...

  • Configure the precission of values (digits after the decimal point) according to the accuracy of the method.
  • Complete metadata (reference, PI, method, comment ...
  • Set login required flag on request.
  • Additional information about sensor calibration etc. should be defined in sensor.awi.de and/or can be given in a separate pdf document