Binary objects

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Binary files with specific formats (e.g. shape files, netCDF, segy, images, videos, ...) will be archived as links to files. For these data types submissions (even if <20 files or <100 MB), please always request an upload link during the submission - see screenshot.

Screenshot from submission form: request upload link
Screenshot from submission form: request upload link

In addition to the data files, please prepare a file list including:

  • Event
  • Latitude, Longitude (coordinated universal time, UTC)
  • Date/Time (ISO-format, e.g. 1954-04-07T13:34:11)
  • File names including their extension. The names should not contain spaces and special symbols.

Further columns with metadata are needed/welcome (depending on the context), for example:

  • Data description / File content
  • Third geocode, such as Elevation, Depth, etc.
  • Relative X and Y coordinates, if for example only the start and the end of the survey have known absolute georeference
  • Comment

Further (automatic) columns can be configured in the table by the PANGAEA editors (these do not have to be added by the authors), including:

  • File size
  • Character set
  • Media type
  • MD5 hash

File list templates

photos in JPG format (tab-separated text file)
netCDF files (tab-separated text file)
raw CTD files (tab-separated text file)

Metadata – Events table

The Event table is not needed, when the Events are already present in PANGAEA, see for checking. For further info see Station lists. If the event information cannot be found under, please provide us with a table of additional metadata, using the template below. This will give an overview of the when, where and how the data were collected:

  • Event label, unique identifier of sampling time and location.
  • Campaign, e.g. ship cruise ID, please read: Campaign.
  • Device or method used to collect a sample or (experimental) organism, please read: Method.
  • Date and time in ISO-format (e.g. 1954-04-07T13:34:11) as coordinated universal time (UTC), start and end date/time must be provided in separate columns.
  • Latitude and longitude in decimal degrees (S and W are negative) of data collection. For transects, start and end latitude and longitude should be provided in separate columns.
  • Elevation (altitude, sea bottom depth, negative below sea level) is optional. For transects, start and end elevation must be provided in separate columns.

Event template with further instructions

Event template (xlsx file)

Examples of published datasets with binary objects