Vertical sediment profile

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Data types and template

There are various types of geological data analyzed in sediment and rock cores in PANGAEA, a few examples can be found here:

Example from a Gravity Corer:,

Example from DSDP/ODP/IODP:

Example sediment surface samples/short cores (e.g., MUC):

For all data types PANGAEA needs to know the metadata. This template might help you for your Data submission.

Metadata and Data

Metadata Event (see template: Event)
  • Event label, name of the core
  • Device with which the sediment core was taken
  • Latitude, Longitude, in decimal degree
  • Elevation, negativ if below sea level
  • Date/Time of sampling (in ISO 8601 )
  • Campaign of sampling
  • sensor.awi link
  • ISGN link/handle
  • Any other information e.g., optional event label, recovery, comments
Metadata Parameter (see template: Parameter)
  • Give all parameters as full names, no abbreviations.
  • Give the unit (SI units) behind the parameter names in squarte brackets
Data (see template: Data)
  • Please provide the data in an excel sheet or as tab delimited text file. Avoid text or csv files with any other column separation.
  • First column: Event label
  • Give the depth below seafloor (or mcd, rmcd) in meter
  • First line: full parameter names including the unit, given in square brackets
  • Granularity of data sets may follow categories, e.g. all benthic foraminifera or all physical properties data in one set
  • Data of several profiles with the same parameter and structure may be provided in one file, cores following sequentialy one below the other